Anishinaabe Endaad

Offering hope, growth and supportive housing
for Native Americans seeking recovery.

Anishinaabe Endaad is a unique housing program designed to empower Native American men by fostering healing, personal growth, and a strong connection to their cultural.

We take great pride in providing clean, comfortable, and serene housing options that create a supportive and welcoming environment for our residents. Our properties are strategically located within close proximity to employment opportunities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, substance abuse services, and therapy clinics, ensuring easy access to essential resources.

At Anishinaabe Endaad, we believe in the power of community and the importance of shared experiences. Our program facilitates connections among housemates who are on a similar journey, allowing for mutual support and understanding. Our dedicated staff members are also readily available to provide guidance and assistance, ensuring that residents receive the necessary support to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

By embracing a holistic approach to wellness and cultural connection, Anishinaabe Endaad aims to empower individuals in their pursuit of a healthy and grounded lifestyle. We are committed to fostering a sense of belonging, promoting personal transformation, and creating a strong foundation for long-term positive change.

Program Highlights

  • Clean, comfortable and attractively furnished, with all the amenities of a home
  • Located in a convenient neighborhood within blocks of public transit
  • Routine onsite support

  • Close to employment opportunities, shopping, and services
  • Housing Support pays rent for eligible residents
  • Opportunities for cultural activities onsite or in the community

Housing Staff

Housing staff are on-site regularly to provide assistance. Regular check-ins ensure residents have access to the support, accountability, and guidance that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Housing staff work with their clients to:

  • Obtain rental assistance       
  • Address behavioral concerns
  • Maintain a tidy home
  • Connect with their culture
  • Get to appointments
  • Be a good neighbor
  • Manage a budget
  • Find employment


  • Adult (18+) men
  • Eligible for Housing Support (GRH)
  • At risk or has a history of being homeless
  • Ability to live independently
  • Agrees to be respectful and law abiding
  • Desires living in culturally specific housing for Native men

Can Residents work and receive GRH funding?

Yes, individuals can receive housing support funding to pay for their rent and basic household supplies. People who have income will have a self pay portion which is based on their income.

How are house rules enforced?

Program rules were created with the input from clients when we opened in 2019. Rules are updated regularly with client input. Our client handbook is available online and rules are enforced by property management.

What's the application and approval process?

Submit an application online through our website. Applications will be reviewed to ensure individuals meet the eligibility criteria and we may request additional information. Once approved, an email will be sent with next steps.

Is food provided?

Residents purchase their own food and prepare their own meals. County or Tribal human services departments can assist with SNAP for those who qualify. There are also local food shelves we assist residents to access in the area.

What is included in the rent?

The common areas are fully furnished. We provide a bed, mattress, bedding, pillow, and dresser. Utilities, home phone, internet, and household supplies are included in rent.

Do you accept people on medication assisted treatment (MAT)?

Yes, we encourage residents with opioid use disorder to participate in medication assisted treatment. We accept all forms of MAT, including Suboxone, Methadone, and Vivitrol. Residents must securely store their medications in a lockbox.

Do all of your houses have the same rules?

No, we offer a treatment and transitional housing model for our two Minneapolis properties and permanent housing on the White Earth reservation. Each location has its own set of rules based on the needs of the house.

What are your COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirements?

Residents must provide proof of receiving at least 1 vaccine dose.

To apply or refer a client, complete our online application.


Endaad Program Application.pdf and fax to (763) 453-7584 or upload to our secure document portal.